what is autism?

what is autism?


 It is an important disorder called autism spectrum disorders or previously common developmental disorders

Autism: It is an important neurodevelopmental disorder in which symptoms appear in early childhood. While symptoms related to autism begin in the early stages of development for some children, some children have regression or disturbances in normal development. Suspicion about autism arises when a child’s speech is delayed or irrelevant, and unresponsive. The family comes to the doctor because the child does not speak even if his classmates are talking, or because he could have said single words like “mother and father” before, but he forgot these words in recent months.

Sensory problems are among the symptoms that appear in autism. Sensory problems reduce an individual’s compliance with the environment. It reduces an individual’s adaptation to life. For example, problems such as sensitivity to loud sound, sensitivity to touch, sensitivity to light, problems with balance and attention continue as problems of a changing social system increase as the individual develops


It is an important disorder called autism spectrum disorders or previously common developmental disorders

What are the symptoms of autism?

There are two main groups of symptoms of autism spectrum disorder

1 – Impaired social interaction and communication skills

– lack of attention to persons or their peers or show a lack of interest,

– to be in your always his world, to not look at you when they call him, walking on their toes,

– Delay in starting or stopping talking, retreating in speech, not using speech in social interaction even if he is speaking, repeating what is said, using pronouns on the contrary (instead of me, he uses it).

2- Limited attention, repetitive behavior, and activities   

– Stereotypical and repetitive movements (rotation, swinging around itself, twisting, wings movement)

– Intense adherence to their routine, and severe reaction against changes,

Excessive sensitivity to certain sounds, smells, and flavors.

What causes autism?

The cause of autism is not fully known yet, in autism it is believed that many genes are responsible for the disease, and drugs that affect the genetic disorder are being developed in treating the disease. It is expected that some children with autism will achieve positive results in the coming years.