This simple trick will prevent your feet from getting cold while wearing shoes

Once acknowledge} this trick, you’ll ne’er walk around with timidity again!

It’s winter, and it’s obtaining colder and colder outside. These low temperatures will create your hands and feet desire they’re freezing. one thing we might rather avoid, as a result of cold feet don’t seem to be pleasant, not pretty and not healthy.If thick socks and smart shoes are not enough….

Long walks

Do you recognize this scenario? it’s fall and you’re walking within the woods wherever beautiful, colourful leaves are hanging from the trees or have already fallen to the ground. You’re enjoying nature and also the beautiful, colorful season. Unfortunately, not everything is as magical: once you get across when an extended walk, your feet desire they’re frozen. therefore you sit down next to the heater and heat them up. However, these giant temperature variations don’t seem to be healthy for your feet. Next time it’s higher to forestall those ‘frozen feet’. With this super-simple and cheap tip you’ll warm your feet once more in no time.

Insulating material

All you would like for this easy trick is insulation material. For example, you can use a straightforward insulation blanket (available at the hardware store), a hearth blanket, or the other insulation material of your choice. Then grab a combine of your favorite flat-soled shoes and place them on the insulation blanket.

Here’s what you’ll do

Draw the form of the shoes on the blanket or insulating material. Cut out these shapes then insert them into your shoes beneath the within sole. you’ll notice that this layer of insulation prevents the cold from penetrating your feet. The insulating layer additionally prevents the warmth that has already been keep from escaping. The result? You’re feet will keep warm, even throughout an extended winter walk!