Things a Waiter Wants You To Learn Before Bisiting Restaurants

Some unintended behaviors may put you on the list of annoying customers who are unwilling to serve them

Kindly ... flirting with the waitresses may expose you to unexpected embarrassing situations (Pixabay)
Kindly … flirting with the waitresses may expose you to unexpected embarrassing situations (Pixabay)

When you decide to have a delicious meal or your favorite coffee in a restaurant, all you think about is the distinctive table, and perhaps the friends who share those hours with you, but you do not pay attention to some of the things that make you an annoying visitor, and here the restaurant staff would like to tell you some of the secrets that put you In the unwanted guest box.

Use the phone

The waiter offers you the service welcoming, this is part of his job duties, but in return you have to be friendly and attentive to his conversation, if you have an important phone call you can ask the waiter to come to you later, but do not use sign language.

“If people want good service, they really have to turn off their phones,” waitress Jennifer Smith tells the Miami Herald. “It’s very annoying to receive customers’ requests while having a conversation with someone on the other line. Not only is the service slow at their table, but at other tables.” Especially peak times. “


Public impatience is a common feature of many restaurant-goers, some workers shed tears inside the restaurant’s kitchen, when customers lose their patience and start screaming, asserting their right to serve them food before others.

Be nice if you want to receive good service, calmly inform the waiter that you are in a hurry, and may you ask the reason for the delay, and when will the food be served to you?

Some crowded restaurants rely on registering the names of their patrons to reserve tables. The waiter has to determine the expected time for preparing a vacant table, and the visitor must be somewhat flexible, so he waits a few extra minutes, and if this is disturbing to a hungry person or accompanying his children, then he must decide whether he can Really wait or leave quietly, as the waiter in any case does not know when the diners will leave.

Unacceptable banter

Keep in mind that the waiter is an employee who works at your service during the hour that you visit the restaurant, and most restaurant employees like to call them by name. You can ask the waiter for his name or read his name written on his badge, but do not make him feel that you have the right to ask him about his personal life. Or making fun of his features or the way he talks, or flirting with the waitresses, this is not kindness and it may expose you to unexpected embarrassing situations.

Waving to the waiter

Not everyone understands sign language, especially if they are doing another task, so don’t expect a waiter to leave another table to fulfill your request.

If you want something extra, you can wait for the waiter to finish serving him to others, then ask him to come to your table in a polite manner, and avoid cracking fingers, as it is not a proper way to call the waiter.

Do not be greedy

Waiter knows very well the distinction between greedy customers and deserving service-seekers. It is your right to provide you with the complete service at a professional level, but there are some customers who think that they have the right to return the dish after eating half of it, claiming that it is not at the expected level.

These things are done by many, and the waiter can evaluate them well, in this case you will become an unwanted guest in the restaurant, even if they offer you a new meal.

If you don’t like the food, ask the waiter to change it from the start, not after you’ve finished a portion of it.


Tipping is one of the things that most please workers in restaurants, do not be stingy, because many workers their wages depend on the tips of customers.

And you must get to know the local customs of the cities that you visit if you are a stranger, as some countries do not accept giving tips to the waiter, but rather put it in a box for all restaurant employees, especially since their colleagues working in the kitchen do not have direct contact with customers.

Also, be aware that tipping is essential in countries such as the United States, and it is part of the bill that cannot be ignored, and you must pay at least 15% of the value of your bill. And make sure the tip makes you a always-welcome guest at the restaurant.

do not lie

If you are requesting to reserve a table or group of tables, make sure that the number of the invitees is accurate, if the number of companions is 8, do not tell the waiter that they are 12, because he will have to reserve a large number of tables, and perhaps change the seating system in the restaurant in your favor, without actually needing this number, which is What causes material losses to the restaurant.

Table clutter

You are not required to clean or tidy up the table, but be sure not to be so annoying that you wipe your nose with a tissue and then place it on the table, as it is disgusting behavior that disgusts the waiter.

Lift your items such as your cell phone and key chain so that the waiter can clean the table.

Fights pay the bill

This situation is repeated a lot, when you decide to pay your friend for his meal, but it becomes very blunt when the waiter gets involved in this fight, he of course does not know what to do in these situations, he just wants one of you to pay the account.

If you want to pay the bill for your friend, give the waiter an appropriate amount to cover the value of the expected meals or credit card in confidence, or go directly to the waiter and give it to him.

Do not expect a waiter to understand eye signals, and do not give orders or yell at him to take your credit card.

Separate invoice

Before becoming a nightmare for a waiter, make it clear that you and your guests want to pay the bills separately from the start, so that the waiter can track and record your order separately from others.

The waiter considers that changing your seat after finishing eating, and requesting a separate bill, is inappropriate, because he is not required to follow you to know what you ordered during the past hour.