Roasting meatballs in an egg box? This is why!

meatballs egg box

Yes, you’ll be able to!

When it involves baking, preparation or cooking, there are 1,000,000 ways in which you can prepare something. within the preparation pan, in the regular pan, in the oven, on the barbecue so on. we regularly create meatballs during a pan, however you can additionally take a distinct approach: make them in an egg box.Do it the simple way!

In an egg box

We had to appear at this twice. Baking meatballs in an egg box?! You ought to surprise however effective this methodology is. nevertheless it works higher than expected and you can bake the tastiest meatballs this way, delicious with stew or with the sauce for your favorite spaghetti.

Basic ingredients

To begin with, an honest base may be a must. to induce meatballs the manner grandparent makes them, simply select beef and season it with the proper herbs. an additional tip: add a teaspoon of soured cream to the minced meat—your meatballs will become much creamier and smoother.


Continue to subsequent step: live uniform meatballs. therefore what proportion minced meat is that the perfect quantity to form the right meatball? terribly simple—use an frozen dessert scoop. Doing this may assist you form the right size for the meatballs.

Egg box

Finally: the egg box. If all goes well, the meatballs ought to match absolutely into the cavities of associate degree empty egg box. First, ensure the egg box is clean before you place the minced meat in it. heat the kitchen appliance to two hundred °C. Then place the egg box on the center oven rack. Bake the meatballs within the egg box for twenty minutes. The carton of the egg box will absorb all the surplus fat throughout the baking, therefore your meatballs can style delicious. Bon appétit!Watch the video below with the reason and additional helpful cookery tips: